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Braga, the capital of the Minho region, is considered the third most important Portuguese city. Internationally famous as a popular tourist destination, Braga attracts visitors with its monuments, magnificent gardens, cuisine and the animated social and cultural life.


Probably the main religious center in the country, Braga is known for its baroque churches, magnificent 18th century houses and elaborate gardens and squares. Known, in the Roman era as “Bracara Augusta”, it was also the headquarters of the Portuguese bishopric in the XII century.

Braga’s long history can be seen in its monuments and churches. The most impressive church is the Sé, which has several styles, from Roman to Baroque. Braga is also proud of its splendid houses, especially those from the 18th century.


Prepare your travel plan and get to know the heritage of the municipality, its history, its popular festivities and the delicious cuisine of the region.









































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July 4-5, 2014, University of Minho, Portugal

 8th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal

Bom Jesus", "Sameiro" and "Falperra", are outstanding places that should be included in any tour of Braga. Due to their beauty and religious value, they make up a triangle, based on religious interest and surrounded by unspoiled green areas.


It is a triangular area of unspoilt beauty. With Braga at the foot of the hill, it captures the magic of the beautiful monuments with its own tales and styles.

The gastronomy in Braga is a festival of flavours and subtle perfumes. 

The Minho cuisine is the product of century-long experiences in the hands of anonymous people, who recognised the value of the fruits of the land and the collective imagination.