Caixa de texto: NIPE Workshop - 18 September 2009
Linked employer and employee data
KeyNote Speaker: David Card [UC Berkeley]
Caixa de texto: NIPE — Economic Policies Research Unit
EEG — University of Minho, Braga, Portugal



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The importance of linked employer-employee data (LEED) in empirical research is well-established, particularly its unique contribution to our understanding of both product and labour markets. Nevertheless, more contributions from researchers are needed in order to improve the ways in which LEED data can be used for economic and policy analysis.


The Portuguese LEED “Quadros de Pessoal”, provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity (MTSS), is internationally renowned as one of the richest data sets on product and labour markets, with detailed and comprehensive information on workers and firms. Within the remit of Economic Research, several papers have been published in academic journals using this data source. As such it is important to get researchers and policy makers together and make this information available to the public.


Thus, NIPE, the Economic Policies Research Unit of the University of Minho, is organizing a Workshop to present and discuss recent research based on LEED, and to highlight the relevance of data like “Quadros de Pessoal” for Economic Research. We aim at bringing together both the providers and the users of LEED around the world and to promote the interaction within this community.


Looking forward to seeing you in September 2009,


The Organizing Committee


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